My shiny new laptop came in the mail on Thursday. And it really is shiny. It's silver, and it's beautiful, and it's all mine. It has a name too. I have a weird need to name the inanimate objects that I own. Anyway, thanks to [profile] enigmaticblues' suggestion the computer is named JavaJunkie. I call her Java for short. For those of you GG lovers on my flist, I think you'll understand how fitting I think this name is...since she will spend many hours in search of JavaJunkie love.

I also survived my first week of work at FZA. And it went relatively smoothly. I have yet to regret my decision, and I hope it stays that way. I did have to work yesterday, as Saturdays at the office are kind of expected of everyone during the months of January to April. But since we were all there together, it was kind of fun, so I didn't mind it too much. Then I hit up my favorite Omaha mall after work because it's just down the road from the office. Let's just say I spent money on shoes at DSW and work clothes at Ann Taylor Loft like I think I'm rich. Shame on me. But I did find the best pants in the whole entire world there. Not only are they soft and super comfortable, but they make me look thin. So can you blame me for buying two pair?

Cut for the 14-year-old girlishness )

Sadly, the weekend is almost over now, and I'm sad to see it go. Back to work, work, work tomorrow.


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