Coming back to work after a lovely four-day weekend to find the tax return from hell waiting for you is dreadful. Hence, I'm going to procrastinate on it for awhile and post about my trip instead. Here's what you need to know for this little tale:

Location: Rochester, MN
Amy, the friend from Omaha that went with me
Sarah, the mutual friend that Amy and I went to visit
Brett, Sarah's boyfriend, at whose house we stayed
Background: Amy, Sarah and I met in college. We were all accounting majors. After college, Amy moved to Omaha for a job and Sarah and I stayed in Lincoln. In fact, Sarah and I ended up living in the same apartment complex (different apartments) for about a year until Sarah moved to Rochester to be with Brett, who had moved up there to work for IBM. Amy and Sarah bonded in college over a shared love of Fiestaware. I vowed to never be addicted to these dishes, as they are so freakin' expensive. However, I eventually caved and now all three of us love and adore them. And when together, we all tend to spend a wee bit too much money on them.

Wow. I'm pretty sure you actually don't need to know most of that, but apparently I like to talk about myself. Now onto the trip...

Cut due to my's incredibly long. )

So, there you have it. That was ridiculously long, so if you stuck with me, thanks! All in all, a very enjoyable trip. And now, I must get back to the tax return that haunts me...
I have the day off tomorrow! *squee* Unfortunately, it's not going to be one of those relaxing vacation days. Instead, by 1 pm, I must have the following accomplished: (1) go to the DMV and get my license plates renewed, (2) go to Jiffy Lube and get the oil in my car changed, (3) finish packing, (4) eat lunch and (5) drive an hour to Omaha to pick up a friend. Then, said friend and I will drive five hours to Rochester, Minnesota. I feel kind of exhausted just thinking about all of it.

But this weekend should be fun. We're taking the road trip up to Minnesota to visit a mutual friend who moved up there two years ago. We've been promising to visit ever since she moved, and this weekend, we're finally making it happen. Included in the plans are the Mall of America and possibly Vallyfair. And tomorrow night we're eating at some Italian restaurant in Rochester that my friend swears is the best Italian she's ever eaten.

Anyhoo, all that to say, I probably won't be back in the land of LJ until sometime Monday night. I'll miss you all, but I'm sure the break will be good for me. I'm certain I've become far too addicted to this wonderful thing called the internet. I hope you all have lovely Memorial Day weekends.

Oh, and I love the following quote so much, that I've decided to post it here. Thanks to all of you on my flist for making some new world available to me. *hugs*

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ~Anaïs Nin


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