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( Dec. 3rd, 2005 11:37 pm)
I made it home safely! Too bad I have to turn around and head to South Dakota on Monday evening. But, the good news is I don't have to go to Iowa for the two weeks after that as originally planned. Instead I get to stay at home and spend time in the office catching up on things I'm behind on. This is a very good thing! And I may even get a couple extra days of vacation before Christmas. YAY!

As for today, I rang bells for the Salvation Army for two hours this morning. I sure do know how to pick the days! The ringing was outside, and it was barely above 20 degrees and snowing like crazy. Luckily, one of my coworkers showed up to ring bells with me, so that made the time bearable. I was able to chat with her and forget about the cold...a little. But given the opportunity, I'd do it again. There's something so Christmas-y and feel-good about ringing the bell.

And this evening, I fell in love with a little movie called RENT. I mean, I really, really loved it. I expect that I will now be listening to the soundtrack again and again and again until I know all the songs by heart. And the next time the live version of RENT comes anywhere near Lincoln, NE, you can bet I will be there. In fact, the three friends I went to the movie with and I were discussing potentially driving 8 hours to St Louis to see it. Not really seriously. But hey, if they're up for it, I'm up for it too. Though, realistically, I know this will never happen.

Tomorrow is church. YAY! I'm sure I've said it a thousand times, but I love my new church and I didn't get to go last week. So I'm very much looking forward to it this week. And then I need to do laundry and pack. But I also hope to put up my tree and some lights outside. Christmas decorations make me happy.

Then it's off to South Dakota. Here's hoping that they have internet at the hotel. Because I feel so disconnected without LJ...
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( Nov. 28th, 2005 09:59 pm)
It has now been eight days since I've been home. Only four more to go! And then I get to go home...for two days, at least. Work travel is keeping me away these days. St Joseph, Missouri, this week. Madison, South Dakota, next. Then maybe I'll get to be home for awhile. Maybe.

Anyway, I haven't posted in awhile, and I wanted to let everyone know that I am indeed alive. I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving weekend. I spent the weekend in Kansas with my grandma. Here's a quick synopsis of the weekend:

~Spent a lot of time watching TV with my grandma. It was slightly boring, but it was mostly relaxing. I discovered that they get UPN in Lawrence, so I got to watch VM on Wednesday (all but the first 10 minutes). And I'll get to watch it again this week in St Joe. (There are a few benefits to traveling.)

~Among other things, I also helped my grandma put up her Christmas tree. Which makes me very excited to put up my own. This weekend...that's the plan. I love Christmas, and everything that it entails (other than crazy shoppers), so I'm very excited about decorating the apartment. As one of my friends said today, there's something about Christmas lights that is just magical. I'm ready to partake of the magic. Now I just need to figure out what to buy everyone for Christmas. I'm completely void of any ideas this year...which is unusual. And it makes me sad.

~I spent about three hours in the company of my mom's side of the family for my cousin's 10th birthday on Friday night. It was hell. So I left thanking God that I don't live in that house, and for the first time ever, decided that three hours was all I needed to spend there for the weekend. I'm still feeling slightly guilty about that. They're my family after all, and I know they would have liked to see more of me. Oh well.

~Now I'm back in St Joe buried under a huge pile of work. Hopefully I'll have eliminated at least half the pile by the end of this week. I've got so much catch-up work to do before Christmas, but I'm determined to get it done. I want to enjoy the holiday. And I want to go into busy season with a clean slate...Lord knows it's hell enough without going into it being behind.

Guess that's about it for my exciting life. Not really sure why I'm posting since my life is terribly unexciting right now. I just felt the pull of LJ to post. Sorry if I've bored you all.

I've been tagged by [profile] itmustbetuesday to do a meme. And I will do it. Maybe in another post tonight. Maybe in another post later in the week. But this pointless post is long enough as it is.


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