~I prepared my first tax return today, and I survived. It took me a ridiculously long amount of time, but hey. I can only get faster from here on out, right?

~My CPA license came in the mail today. That's right, folks. I am an official CPA. No longer am I just Heather Banta. I'm now Heather Banta, CPA.

~I got a package in the mail from my grandpa today as well. It's not usual for this to happen, so I was very curious. He works part-time at a book binding company, and he had made myself and my other two girl cousins diaries. It was so heartfelt, I'm feeling very touched. I will have to give him a call this weekend and thank him.

~I just got done betaing another couple of chapters of [profile] shannigansx's story, A New Beginning. This story just gets better and better with every chapter. I cannot wait for more. And somehow I just can't help but think that this story is not getting the love that it deserves over at BWR. So go here and read it if you have not done so already. And please leave feedback. Feedback is a writer's crack.

~Tomorrow is Friday. YAY!
xphilehb: (GG - Lorelai Gaaaaaaah)
( Oct. 8th, 2005 10:13 pm)
Well, it only took me several hours and at least ten tries (probably more) to pass the AICPA ethics exam...again. I needed to pass it with a 90% or higher in order to be eligible for my CPA license. This was the exam I completed back in June, but due to utter stupidity on my part, lost the results for when Windows XP was installed on my work laptop. So, I finally got around to taking it again. Thank God it's done!

Now all I have to do is submit my results to the AICPA and begin the tedious process of applying for my CPA license to the Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy. With any luck, I should be a licensed CPA in a few months. Now that's just crazy.

In other news, I've finally decided to start using tags.


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