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( Mar. 5th, 2006 05:37 pm)
For those of you on my flist who showed interest in watching GG eps over the hiatus, I submit the following list of episodes for your approval. This list was originally designed by [profile] shannigansx and I to be watched over the last hiatus. But other than the first couple of episodes, we never got around to it.

Everyone who responded to my last post seemed to want to watch something different, but you all indicated that anything was fine with you. This list spans all of the first five seasons and was originally created to be a list of happy L/L episodes. So, let me know what you like/don't like and want to add/remove from the list. We can tweak it, and then set up some sort of viewing/discussing schedule. Thus, you should also let me know if you have any suggestions for when to watch episodes and when/where to discuss them.

Alright, I'm done babbling now. On with the list.

L/L Fanfest For Keeping the Zen )

ETA: I'm editing the list as I get suggestions. And I think we'll set up an LJ community to discuss. That way people can just post their thoughts there when they get a chance.
OK...this is probably taking on way more than I have time for right now considering I'm in the middle of tax season, but here goes...

I'm wanting to see if people are interested in watching Gilmore Girls episodes over the hiatus and then discussing them. I'm not sure how it will all work yet, but I thought I'd see about interest first. I'm thinking we can have some sort of chat over AIM or even just through comments in my journal. Whatever. Also, I'm up for any episode going all the back to season one, but if people just want to stick to more recent, we can do that too.

So, to start. If you're interested, reply back to this post and let me know. Since my flist is not very big, feel free to post a link to this post in your own LJ's inviting others. And if there are any episodes you're dying to watch, say so in your comment. Also feel free to comment with any suggestions you have on how to roll this out.

I'll collect the comments over the next week or so, and if there's enough interest, I'll make another post letting people know what's going on.



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