Well, even though it isn't officially over until Monday, I think it's safe to say that I have survived another busy season. Busy season number three...and probably the best one yet for me. Not that it's perfect, but I'm still coming out of this busy season able to say that I love my new job. And I'm about to love it even more now that it will soon be an 8 to 5 kind of gig.

So, from what I hear, Monday will involve a little bit of work and a lot of celebrating. The big end of tax season party is on Monday night. It officially starts at 6. But apparently the office will shut down around 4 and everyone will head on over to the bar where the party's at and start up the tab. That's right, free drinks all night long. And games. I'm not a big drinker myself, but I'm sure I'll have fun watching a bunch of my coworkers get wasted. And I'll enjoy a drink or two on the firm.

And then Tuesday. Glorious Tuesday. The office is closed. And I plan to sleep in. I swear that it's been months since I got to sleep in. And it has been painful. So yeah, I can't wait for Tuesday. Plus, Tuesday brings GG night. YAY!

In other news, I just got done making a coffee cake for Easter tomorrow. It's my contribution to the meal. Anyway, it's a new recipe. And the cake part turned out beautifully. But the syrup I was supposed to brush on it and then pour over it. Yeah, not so much. That syrup ended up turning into a caramel like substance. Luckily, it still tastes good. So I drizzled a bit over the cake. And then the roomie and I made candy out of the rest of it. Here's hoping the cake isn't terribly disgusting when we eat it tomorrow.

Happy Easter everyone!


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