Apparently CrazyTVFanatic!Heather is back, and I have to talk about this somewhere.

Izzie is going to die, isn't she? She's going to die, and I am going to sob. I hate you, Grey's. (Well, not really.) But I swore I was never going to watch you, and now I anticipate you every Thursday night, and I swear you make me cry more than any other show, and I just don't understand it. There are all these couples that I love right now too. Sloane and Lexi. Alex and Izzie. And Owen and Christina. Don't even get me started on those two. Finally this show has a character who is complicated in a way that is not all about sex. (OK, OK, I realize that's not really true.) My coworkers who also watch Grey's think it's weird that I love Owen. But I do. I love him. He's my favorite character on this show.

What? What?! WHAT?! What was that?! I have watched a lot of finales in my time, and I've freaked out about a lot of finales in my time. (Hello the year that Mulder supposedly committed suicide! Or uh, the year that he was abducted. Oh, and John Doe! Who is he?!) But nothing, NOTHING!, has ever messed with my psyche as much as that hour of television. Violet and Pete! VIOLET AND PETE! And dear God, writers, if you rip that away from me......!!!! I could hardly take all stuff with Violet and her crazy patient. When Cooper was at the door, I was screaming at him to go inside. Damn it, show, you have clearly sucked me in. But are you kidding me?! That is a horrifying place to leave a finale. This is going to be a long summer.

OK, CrazyTVFanatic!Heather is going to take a shower and finish packing her bag, then maybe fall asleep watching Bones. And then she's going to get up at 3:30 and go to Germany. Hopefully Germany will knock the crazy fangirl out of her again.
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