I've decided that I don't express my love for The Office (and Michael Scott, in particular) enough in my own LJ. Thus, I bring you the following quotes from last night's episode, Grief Counseling.

The Love That Is The Office )
Tonight, I did it. I finally sat down and watched an entire episode of The Office. Congrats, flist! Your love and adoration for this show has rubbed off on me. Granted, I've only seen one episode - I meant to watch both episodes that were on tonight, but I got confused as to the times - but I think I loved it. The roomie and I laughed hysterically throughout the entire episode. Or at least, I laughed hysterically. [profile] enigmaticblues laughed, but I'm not sure if she would classify it as 'hysterically' or not. ;-) Anyway, not only did I laugh, but I could definitely see glimmers of character storylines that are sure to pull me in if I let them. Of course, I'm going into it biased towards loving it. I know my flist, and I know that you guys like good TV. So, I definitely want to watch more. Next Thursday, here I come!

(FYI for those who care, the episode I watched was The Injury.)

In other news, things at work have been looking up lately. Because I have an obsession with bulleted lists, I will now use one to discuss some of the stuff that's been going on this week:

Work Stuff - Cut For A Bit Of Length )

Other than that, only one week to vacation! Six days with my parents and four with [profile] shannigansx. I'm so excited!!!


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