xphilehb: (Gilmore Girls - Lorelai Looking Sad)
( Mar. 20th, 2006 07:24 pm)
It's snowing. Like mad. It started yesterday and is supposed to stop sometime tomorrow, leaving us with at the very least a foot of snow.

I drove up to Omaha for work this morning, and the roads weren't all that bad. In fact, it hasn't even snowed all that much in Omaha today. There's plenty of accumulation on the grass, but the pavement is still just wet. I have a feeling it's going to start freezing really soon, though.

However, it apparently snowed nearly all day in Lincoln (where I live - approx. 50 miles away from where I work in Omaha). And it's still snowing. It's a good thing I made the decision last night to pack an overnight bag and stay with a friend in Omaha tonight. The interstate is closed so I couldn't really get home even if I wanted to. The only thing that sucks is that one of the partners declared tomorrow a jeans day due to the bad weather, and all I have with me are dress pants and heels. Oh well...I'd rather live than drive home so I can wear jeans tomorrow.

Anyhoo, for now I'm stranded in Omaha. Hopefully this snow will taper off in the morning and the roads will be relatively clear by the time I'm ready to leave at 5:30. I want to get home to an evening of Gilmore Girls with Christi, after all!

For now, I'm off to go unbury my car and drive slowly to my friend's apartment for the night.


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