Well kids, it's here. It's really here. Just a few hours of TV, a few cosmetics to pack, and perhaps a few hours of sleep stand between me and a plane to Germany. Or rather, stands between me and a plane to Chicago, a five hour layover, then a plane to Frankfurt, followed by an hour and a half drive to my friend Nessa's house. Nonetheless, I am excited. I'll be traveling with three of my dearest college girlfriends, and we will be meeting a fourth girlfriend in Germany (as she is currently stationed there in the Air Force). Some of the best memories I have are with these girls, and I'm looking forward to creating many more on this trip. It's going to be just like college all over again, only in Germany this time.

I'll be back on May 9th, and as [profile] enigmaticblues reminded me yesterday, she and I will be going to see Wicked on the 10th. Yay vacation! See y'all on the flip side.

And [profile] carrielh, since I'll be gone on your b-day, I'll say it right now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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