I so rarely talk about TV around here anymore, but HIMYM, you guys.

Oh Barney. I always love you, but tonight you were adorable beyond words. And also heartbreaking. "Ted, I have to tell you the truth. I'm in love with...tacos." And then there was the following:

Robin: "It's Ted. You know what a romantic he is. He can't separate the physical from the emotional. He's all like -"
Barney: "I love you."
Robin: "Exactly. He's not like you, you know?...Dating friends never works out."

The look on his face, you guys! (NPH can get me with a look just as quickly as Steve Carell can.) Barney's the one who gets hurt by Ted and Robin being casual, and my heart breaks. It breaks! *sigh* I forgot what a sucker I am for Sparkles and Swarley.

I <3 this show.
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