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( Jul. 7th, 2006 11:24 pm)
The day has finally arrived. What day, you ask? The day my vacation begins.

That's right, folks. I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow morning at 10 am for Indianapolis. I will spend six (hopefully) restful days hanging out with my parents. I haven't seen them since Christmas, so I'm very excited. Mom has many plans for us that include the zoo, seeing The Devil Wears Prada, shopping, antiquing, and manicures and pedicures. I've also talked my dad into taking me out to the driving range one night - my parents live on a golf course - as I've decided to take up golf. (I'm caving to the pressure from many of my coworkers.) Oh, and my grandma will be there for the weekend as well. I haven't seen her since Christmas either, so it will be nice to catch up.

Then, on Friday, it's off to Ohio to meet [profile] shannigansx. We're going to hang out for four days around her neck of the woods. We'll hit Cedar Point (an amusement park) and Le Bistro de Beaujolais (a French restaurant), and probably watch loads of Farscape and Gilmore Girls. Oh, and a French movie called Les Poupees Russes. If time allows, we may even dip into the stash of Lauren Graham movies she has. Oh, and we're going to call [profile] _lashingoutloud together.

*squee* I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for this vacation, if you can't tell. Expect some LJ updates from me as I'm taking my laptop and should have some internet access here and there. And I'm sure you'll be getting some pictures, and perhaps even voice posts, about the adventures of Heather and Shannon, whether you want them or not. ;-)

Off I go! A lovely weekend to all!


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