I gave my roommate a new coffee pot for her birthday last month. Not only is it pretty and shiny, but it also makes coffee into one of those 10-cup thermal carafes that keeps the coffee warm for hours. And, it has a programmable timer, which means you can set it to start brewing at a given time in the morning the night before. It's wonderful. It's glorious. It crapped out on us on Sunday. Which made us very, very sad. Coffee is serious business in our apartment. Luckily, it's still under a one-year warranty, and there's a Mr. Coffee repair shop not too far from where I work. Also, luckily, my roommate still has her old coffee pot, so we can drink coffee in the mornings. However, this now means I get to visit the repair shop over lunch. I'll be glad to get it fixed. But really, I'd rather spend my lunch hour going out to lunch with coworkers or sitting in my car, drinking a yummy smoothie from Juice Stop, and reading The Kiterunner.

In other news, work is currently very, very boring. I have very little to do since it's summer. So I spend half my day surfing the net, which is fun, but I feel guilty doing it. Even though, really, I'm sure I have no reason to feel guilty. I'd just be staring at a wall otherwise. But this not being busy thing gives me time to think. Too much time, and when I see my other coworkers having things to do, it makes me think crazy, crazy things. Things like: 'OMG, this proves it. They all hate me. They must have determined that I am too slow and too dumb, and thus they won't give me any work to do. They're going to fire me. Dear God, let's just get evaluations over with, so they can go ahead and fire me and get it over with. Maybe I made a mistake in taking this job. At least if I were still at KPMG, I'd have some work to do right now.' All of these thoughts are incredibly ridiculous, I'm sure. But I can't help it. These are the thoughts that go through my brain. Please tell me that other people irrationally freak out like this?! I don't want to be the only one.

What else? Oh, I pulled out the Buffy musical soundtrack yesterday and listened to it for the first time in months upon months. It appears that I still know every single word...and pause...and breath...and hum. *sigh* It was fun!

Oh yes, this also reminds me that I have decided that I made the wrong decision in choosing accounting for a career. I was clearly destined for Hollywood. I know, you laugh. So do I. I just wish I was made for Hollywood. I'd act. I'd write. I'd direct. Heck, I'd be a professional fan if they'd pay me. Oh, how I wish they'd pay me. [profile] _lashingoutloud and I have been plotting a television show. Oh, it is the most whacked out thing you have ever heard of, but you will all love it. And it will be a hit. I promise. We decided last night that we need to drop it all and go to Hollywood...soon. And the first thing we need to do is become best friends with Lauren Graham. So we wrote her a song. It is a masterpiece, I tell you.

Warning: It's So Brilliant, You May Never Be Able To Write Again Because It Just Won't Compare. So Don't Say I Didn't Warn You! )

See, what did I tell you? A stunning song. With the ryhme, and the matching dresses we're going to wear, and the tap dancing we plan on doing when we sing it to her, I just don't know how she won't be able to love us.

OK, this post is just pointless now, so I'll stop. This is what happens when one doesn't post for a week. I better go pretend to do work now. Bye!

P.S. I just got a tax return to do. It looks like it's going to make my head hurt. But still, YAY! It's something to do. It tames the irrational thoughts...at least temporarily.


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