I have a new layout! And it is all thanks to one [profile] shannigansx. Seriously, you guys, she is the best. The best! I don't deserve her. I didn't even ask for a banner. She just told me to decide what I wanted because she wanted to make me one. And wow...a pretty one she did make me. So go look and marvel!

And, since most of you will be asking, that's John Crichton and Aeryn Sun from Farscape in the banner. My love for them knows no bounds. You haven't watched, you say? Well, do so!

The sad thing about my new layout? While you all can see my pretty banner, I cannot. For some reason, no matter how many times I refresh or try to clear my cache (or even try Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, which I usually use), I can't see the banner. But it's there. Does anyone have any idea why this is? I'd seriously appreciate any help you can give. Since [profile] shannigansx went to all this trouble, I'd really love to see her beautiful work.

I don't understand why I can see most everyone else's banners, but not my own. I do think that I have this problem on a couple other LJs, though. For instance, I believe the [personal profile] lulabo has a pretty banner on her LJ, but except for a few rare ocassions, it never shows up on my computer. So yeah, help would be great if anyone has any ideas. (ETA: So, apparently I can see the banner when I'm previewing an entry, but at no other time. Grrr.)

Oh, and also, a huge THANK YOU to [profile] _lashingoutloud who wrote me a fic for my birthday and sent it to me tonight. It was fantastic. And just what I needed to improve my mood. Thank you, love!


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