xphilehb: (Chuck - Tango Lesson)
([personal profile] xphilehb Apr. 28th, 2009 09:00 am)
Well, Chuck me. That finale was all kinds of awesome. Please do not cancel this show, NBC. I will beg if I have to. And cry. I can cry too if it helps.

+Scott Bakula! Bruce Boxleitner! Scott Bakula and Bruce Boxleitner in the same episode!! FANGIRL GLEE!!!!

+Casey and Chuck hugging! Casey gave Chuck his number. And when Chuck calls he comes a-runnin'. "You rang."

+Sarah has to leave, but no, she's not going to leave. Because she wants Chuck. And Chuck loves her. I mean, duh, but he said it. He loves her.

+Kung Fu Chuck! Chuck knows kung fu. For this reason alone, this show cannot be canceled. I WANT MORE KUNG FU CHUCK!

OK. Must work now, despite the annoying construction noises coming through the gaping hole in the wall right next to my desk.
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