Spring - YAY!
Chilly weather and wind on the first day of spring - boo!
Hugs from the boyfriend tonight for the first time in five days - Yay!!
Hockey tonight - double yay!!!
Three more hours of work until boyfriend/hockey - double boo!
TV thoughts - I'm so behind! Six shows on Thursday night is too many.
Concert on Tuesday night - Why so friggin late?! However, Lenka and Missy Higgins = AWESOME!
Work on Saturday - Only three more weeks....thank God!
Women's Night with GAMe on Saturday - Eh...I'd rather catch up on TV.
Bible study leader - do I want to be one?
My boy-related freak-out on Tuesday - a total overreaction (but I think I knew it was)
Serious conversation with said boy - something I need to have
Sleep - I need some.
Avenue Q - in a week!
Wicked - In a couple of months!!
Germany - So soon! Maybe I should, like, plan?
Mom - Need to call her this weekend. Haven't spoken to the fam in two weeks.
Motivation - NOtivated
Work - better get back to it

Is it 5 yet...?
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